The Trunk Space, Indie 500 2015

Syeed DiJon Poole, known professionally as “The Doyénne”, is an American singer, lyricist, songwriter and record producer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally from Flint, Michigan, his musical training began in the Southern Baptist church as a member of the choir before he began writing and producing his own music using the Fruity Loops digital audio workstation software suite in 2006. While the sonic contributions from the likes of Prince, Janet Jackson, and Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott would serve as a huge influence to Poole’s sound, it would be his discovery of chiptune and plugins that were capable of emulating the 8-bit sound that would become his production trademark as seen in signature tracks such as “Party Girl” and “Ass Like Beyoncé”.

His 2011 debut long-play project, “Body of Work” and the sophomore effort “QUEEN” were met with positive critical reception. In 2016, Poole took time away from performing live and focused on recording music as well as completing studies towards the pursuit of an associate’s degree in music business, a shift that led to six consecutive releases of music throughout that same year. Poole now looks to continue making appearances through the foreseeable future in support of future recordings and the re-release of his material on major streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Google Play Music and Deezer as well as the debut music video for the song “Strange Kind of Love“.


“The Doyenne is a certifiable legend. A songwriter, producer, electronic musician, rapper, alt-R&B sensation, and dance-music machine, Syeed DiJon Poole has been freaking out the squares and wrecking house shows for years as The Doyenne. The Doyenne had been a fixture at shows at the old Trunk Space and Funny World, often playing alongside musical polar opposites like Dinosaur Love, Space Alien Donald, and Sugar Skull Explosion. What The Doyenne shares with those bands is a love for dressing up, a willingness to be abrasive and confrontational with the audience, and a contempt for milquetoast indie-rock culture. Shows should be parties, and few people know how to start one better than he does. What also made The Doyenne stand out when he got started (and what continues to make him a relevant and exciting presence in the Valley) is his openness about his sexuality and identity. The Doyenne doesn’t give a fuck if he makes you uncomfortable, and his frankness onstage and off served as an inspiration for people to let their guards down and not be afraid to express their own sexualities.”Phoenix New Times