2022-12-24 (1)
“The Doyénne” is a Phoenix based urban art haus fronted by Syeed-DíJon that produces, writes, records and performs music for live performance. Syeed-DíJon, frontman and creative director for the brand, is a Black American and openly gay rap lyricist, emcee, singer songwriter, and record producer who has worked as an independent creator since 2006. In 2018, Syeed-DíJon was named Phoenix queer icon for that year by the Phoenix New Times publication, and he continues as a staple within the local arts community through public appearances and his social media presence.
The Doyénne is known for playful hip hop influenced by the vogue and ballroom scenes as seen on signature tracks “Party Girl” and “Ass Like Beyoncé” as well as a soulful baritenor singing voice from Syeed-DíJon on electronic music compositions such as “DRIVE” and “Gully”. Most of the lyrics that comprise The Doyénne’s catalog is written from the perspective of Syeed-DíJon and is directed towards an audience of individuals who are accustomed to being “othered” and disenfranchised by their unconscious individuality. Artists cited as musical influences include Missy Elliott, Prince, and Madonna. 
The Doyénne is now preparing for it’s first multi collaborative project tentatively titled “MACROCOSMOS OF THE POST-HUMAN THEATRE”. Current projects include a “virtual live stream residency”, where Syeed-DíJon performs catalog songs, covers, and new content, as well as renewed efforts to build support through Patreon in preparation for the upcoming album and public appearances.
“And I thank you.”Syeed-DíJon